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The Narrow Sea


"Seven Seas" is a real-time, multiplayer board game in which you build citadels, land and sea by placing tiles on the board. If you have already played Carcassonne the rules will be very familiar to you.
You get points every time you complete a citadel, piece of land or sea which you have occupied.You can occupy a citadel or land by placing a meeple on it and you can occupy a sea by ship.
There 74 tiles to place. You have 4 meeples and 3 ships.
How to play
Place your tile so that it matches the existing ones.
You can rotate with the rotate button on the right side. The tile will only rotate into good positions.
Click on an orange circle to place a meeple or ship. You can only place on citadels/lands/seas that haven't been occupied yet.
Click 'Submit' - the program will warn you if the tile doesn't match or if the entity was already occupied.Then wait for your next turn.
When you complete an occupied entity you get points for it and your player(s) are returned.
The program automatically calculates the scores for you.
During the game you get points when you complete an entity occupied by you.
If more than one player is present in an entity, the one that outnumbers the others will get all the points. If they have the same number of players in the castle all the players get the points.
Citadels - 2 point per tile when completed, otherwise 1 point/tile at the end.Land - 1 point/tile when completed or at the end.Sea - 2 point per tile when completed, otherwise 1 point/tile at the end.
A sea also ends at a strait - straits are marked with a light blue dashed line. Also in the case of a strait there are 2 possible positions on both sides of the strait.